Writing Prompt: Write in the Moment

Today, I want to try something different. Since most of our learning will be taking place online over the next month or so, I want to take a moment to breathe. To step outside and observe. Do you have a backyard or patio? How about a big picture window that looks outside? The goal is to find a space that allows you to observe the outside world.

Take a notebook and something to write with outside. If you can’t go outside, sit next to a window. Open it if you can. Since we are practicing social distancing and some of us are even sheltering in place, this might take some creativity. Be as close to the outside world as possible, even if it means sitting inside next to a window.

Sit for five minutes and observe what is going on in the world around you. Don’t write yet. What do you hear? See? Smell? How do the trees move in the breeze? Are there clouds in the sky or rain? How does the rain travel down your window? Are dogs barking? What kind?

Now, I want you to take 10 minutes and write about whatever comes to mind. It can be your observations about the world around you. It can be what you’re feeling or experiencing. The goal is to be present in the moment. Take a breath and just write. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Let it be raw and real. It can be fun or heavy. Whatever you’re feeling, write it out.

Happy writing!

Photo by Paul Gilmore on Unsplash

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