Writing Prompt: 1890s London

Writing Prompt: 1890s London

Today’s writing prompt is set in 1890 historic London, England. You are working for Sherlock Holmes helping to solve a crime. Here are the questions I want you to think about:

What crime are you trying to help him solve? What is Sherlock like? Do you like him? Does his loud chewing annoy you? Is he constantly talking to himself? Remember to include details.

Also, remember there are no cell phones or internet to help you. So, what methods do you use to help him solve the crime? Are you a spy working for Sherlock, seeking information from the local market? Are you a medical student helping victims of a crime? What is your role? It can be anything.

Think about the setting. Everything in 1890 London was different from today’s world. The clothing, everyday tasks, and even the food. Do your research and find out what life was like during this time. Build your world around it. How do people talk from that time period? Was it common to wear jeans or dresses? Remember, think about the details.

Details make a story shine.

Spend 10 minutes researching 1890s London and then spend 10 minutes (or more) writing your story. Remember, if your story goes a different direction, that’s okay. The goal is to get words on the page and be creative.

Don’t edit and don’t stop. Just write it out. You can revise later.

Happy writing!

Photo by Eva Dang on Unsplash

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