Writing Prompt: Animals

Today’s prompt is going to require you to put on your academic hat. We are going to dive into the world of non-fiction. I want you to choose an animal. It can be your favorite animal, a weird one, a scary one, any animal you want.

Once you’ve picked your animal, you’re going to research it. I want you to find at least two sources that offer facts about your animal. Write down at least 10 facts. Where do they live? How big do they get? What do they eat? Is there anything weird of different about them? Take notes.

Once you have all of your facts, sit down and write an informative article about your chosen animal. Take 10 minutes to research and another 10 minutes (or longer) to write. If an animal doesn’t interest you, feel free to pick a different topic. Airplanes, rivers, South America, whatever topic interests you. The goal is to research and write.

Yes, even fiction writers need to know how to look up facts and use them in prose. 🙂

Have fun and happy writing!

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