Writing Prompt: Sensory Details

Writing Prompt: Sensory Details

For today’s writing prompt, I want you to think about sensory details and how we use them in writing. For this prompt, I want you to make or simply think about your favorite food or meal. Write a list and answer the following questions:

What do you see? Note colors and textures. Is there steam? How does it twist into the air?

What do you hear? Is something sizzling or popping?

What do you smell? Does it smell like sweet maple or cinnamon?

What do you taste? Is it sweet with notes of Carmel? Is it bitter with hints of lemon?

What do you feel? Is the chair you’re sitting in uncomfortable? Is your drink too hot or too cold?

Sensory details can be used in multiple ways in our writing. They can show insight into a character or into their word. For example, does your character hate the smell of lemons because it reminds her of the grandmother she lost? Does your character like the taste of ice cream because it reminds them of happier times? Details like these can help make your characters believable.

These details can also add layers and depth to a scene. When writing a scene, what does your character feel, hear, see, smell, or taste? These senses allow your reader to experience the story on a deeper level.

Be well and happy writing!

Photo by Joseph Gonzalez on Unsplash

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