Writing Prompt: Childhood Spaces

Writing Prompt: Childhood Spaces

When I was little, one of my favorite places to visit was my grandparent’s old farmhouse. It was tucked away on a few acres with a long gravel driveway, a sprawling front porch that was supported by giant columns covered in peeling white paint. There were nooks and crannies only a child could find (and fit in). We would spend summer days roaming the garden and playing hide and seek in the trees. The attic was filled with old treasures and the shelves led to dark hidden spaces filled with blankets and perfect for naps. It was an escape and a place where childhood roamed free.

For today’s prompt, let’s write about those secret places and spaces. The ones that live and breathe in our memories from childhood. Describe them in detail. Where were they located? What did they look like? What did you spend hours doing there? Reading, drawing, running, playing? Linger in them for a moment. Then, write about them. Escape into them and recreate them with words.

Spend ten minutes (or longer). If you’re young, write about your favorite place. Provide the same details and recreate it with your words.

As always, happy writing!

Photo by Rene Bernalon Unsplash

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