Hi All,

I’m sorry I’ve been missing in action for the last month, but I wanted to update you. Of course the pandemic has uprooted everyone’s idea of normal causing us to revaluate our situations and adapt to an ever changing world. As a result, my husband and I have been working from home with our three kids. I’m very thankful to still have a job, despite the challenges that come with navigating homeschool for my middle and high schooler and the added two year old in tow.

Also, just before the pandemic, we sold our home and have been waiting for our new one for the last five months or so. It’s been a whirlwind of emotions during this time. We have finally landed in our new home just as comprehensive distance learning is about to begin for my two older children. I know my situation isn’t unique and I praise all of us for enduring this and coping as best as we can.

In addition to the move, we are also facing devastating wild fires like I have never seen during my entire lifetime as an Oregonian. They are truly terrifying. We are currently at a Level One evacuation, which essentially puts us on notice. We are just outside the Level Two range which means get your things ready to go. Right now, it’s a wait and see kind of situation.

If this time has taught me anything, it’s that we need art more than ever. We need our creative passions to get us through and help us cope. Myself included. I’m finally settled in my first ever home office and I will start posting again soon.

Knowing we can all use a little more art right now, I’ll be adding more writing prompts and resources soon! I’m also going to be teaching a couple of online classes here for those interested in the craft. They’ll be blog or video form with additional resources attached. More to come!

As always, keep writing and keep pursuing your passions.

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