A Word After a Word is Power.

Margaret Atwood


  • Writing Prompt: Childhood Spaces

    Writing Prompt: Childhood Spaces

    When I was little, one of my favorite places to visit was my grandparent’s old farmhouse. It was tucked away on a few acres with a long gravel driveway, a sprawling front porch that was supported by giant columns covered in peeling white paint. There were nooks and crannies only a child could find (and […]

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  • Featured Authors & Books

    Featured Authors & Books

    I want to take a moment to acknowledge some of the best voices in children and young adult literature. Their books are profound, beautifully written, and excellent examples of the writing craft at its finest. Below are links to their author websites and recommendations of my favorite books written by them (however, all of their […]

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  • Writing Prompt: Picture Prompt

    Writing Prompt: Picture Prompt

    Sometimes when I’m teaching, instead of putting up a written prompt, I will select a picture or an image and have students create a story based off of that image. It can be anything they come up with. In some cases, I give requirements for the story. In others, I just let them write whatever […]

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  • Writing Prompt: Adventure

    Writing Prompt: Adventure

    I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship lately and how, during this time especially, we need our friends and our connections to get us through difficult times. Today’s writing prompt is going to be a story about two best friends on an adventure, but this isn’t going to be just any adventure. Here are the […]

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  • Writing Prompt: Vacation Time

    Writing Prompt: Vacation Time

    Sorry for the delay this week. I have been tucked away finishing my latest middle grade novel and it’s almost done! Woo hoo! But now it is writing prompt time! Today, I want you to think about the best vacation you have ever taken. Where did you go? What do you remember the most? What […]

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  • Writing Prompt: Childhood

    Writing Prompt: Childhood

    For today’s writing prompt, I want to take a trip back to childhood. What is your favorite memory? Was there a day or event that changed your life for the better? Was there an incident that still makes you laugh to this day? Focus on the positive. Choose a moment from your childhood (if you’re […]

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